Learn how to make friends with your thoughts... In 15 minutes

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The Welcome Mat Meditation

Greet your mind like an old friend

In this guided meditation, we will be putting out the "welcome mat" for any thoughts, emotions and sensations that might be present. 

This meditation helps us to make friends with what's here. Not to say we like it, or accept it, but that we acknowledge and lean into what we are feeling in this moment. 

The Welcome Mat Meditation

In this meditation you will learn...

* how to recognize the thoughts that are coming up and how they impact your feelings.

* how to recognize when you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed

*the connection between our thoughts and our emotions


About the Author

Charlene has been in the mindfulness world for many years and with that experience came the passion to help others with their anxiety and overwhelm.

With that in mind, Charlene created this short meditation, based on proven mindfulness strategies, to help you make friends with your thoughts and to give your anxiety the day off.

Outside of the mindfulness world, Charlene is a big fan of drinking mocha lattes, listening to Taylor Swift on repeat and cuddling with her Morkie Lucky. That is when she isn't helping others feel more relaxed and at ease.